When people find out that I sell books online they generally ask if I sell first editions.  When my response is that I sell anything that makes money they usually seem a tiny bit disappointed.  I guess selling books that make a profit is maybe too commercial and not “sexy” to them.  I may get a response such as “I have an old book about Ben Franklin – what do you think it is worth?” (actual comment). 

In some way books are just commodities that I want to sell and that bums me out to think because I enjoy simply being around them and want to imbue what I do with far more meaning. 

I am not expert enough in first editions or signed editions to specialize in them (nor do I know where to get enoug of them to make money).  There are plenty of people who do specialize and there are enough collectors willing to spend money on first editions.  I have sold many first editions, rare art books, leather bound books, signed books and other “collectible” books.  When I come across a first edition I do my homework on it by checking to make sure it is a first printing, has the original dustjacket and any other pertinent details.

I do not specialize in any niche be it romance, mysterys, textbooks, business books, new age etc.  If I can gross a minimum of 8x to 10x’s my cost then I will likely list the book for sale assuming it has a sales rank that is reasonable.  I have no one category of book that dominates my inventory.  My smallest category is fiction.

So, yes,  I am just an online bookseller and proud of it and no I do not know what that book about Ben Franklin is worth.