Can Booksellers use Dropshipping?

Relying on the dropshipper for the shipping was the biggest drawback for me as it took the customer service out of my control. I had one person who received a game that was not correct (it was the right game but not the right version). Nothing negative came of it but I do not like having my feedback score exposed to the service of another business Continue reading
How Do Penny Book Sellers Make Money? I am not sure if they do - if they do make a profit it is minimal a few cents at most. Lets break down a penny sale on Amazon and see how it works. Lets assume the seller is a Pro Merchant on Amazon and pays the $40 monthly fee. Continue reading

Online Bookselling and Managing for Profits

I sell my books online and do almost all of the back office business online. This creates a very simple business to run but because so much of the processes are done online. My books and envelopes are the only real things I store. I manage my overall business on a cash basis but keeping track of the details is important. Here are things that are easy to lose track of in terms of really figuring out what your margins are: Continue reading

Amazon Sales Rank and Book Sales

The bottom line on the Amazon Sales Rank is this - the lower the number the faster the book should sell. What this means that if you have a book with a 40,000 sales rank and another with a 600,000 sales rank the one with a 40,000 rank is in higher demand. Does this mean the lower rank will sell first? Not neccesarily - you need to factor in supply, your price point and the books condition. The lower ranked book likely has many more of them for sale on the Amazon marketplace so your copy needs to be priced to move as other copies are going to be listed after yours and they will likely beat your price. Continue reading
If you are an online bookseller you are going to need an inventory management system such as The Art of Books.  What should an inventory management program do?
  • Keep a database of all your current inventory and all past sales
  • List your books on all the marketplaces you sell on - not all systems work on eBay and other sites
  • Help you price your inventory and re-price as needed - this can be a pain
  • Allow you to track your cost of goods sold and postage expenses
  • Help you avoid double sales by quickly removing sold books from all the markets
  • Have responsive customer service
  • Use servers that are reliable
  • Integrate
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