I recently wrote about some of the tools Ebay provides to sellers and one of their best is the ability to allow buyers to put out "Best Offers" on items. I wanted to highlight this feature and how it comes into play using Amazon Sales Rank. Continue reading

Selling Books on Ebay

Selling Books on Ebay is a little different than selling books on Amazon. One of the great things about selling books on Ebay is the flexibility you have over promoting your listings. I have an Ebay Seller Store (not a ProStore) and here are some of the tools I use to maximize it: Continue reading

Slow Season for Online Book Sales part 2

Though this time of year is great for building your inventory it sure is lousy for selling it. The average number of books I am selling is on the decline as it always is after Memorial Day. Thankfully some big ticket items are selling (just sold a $1000 partial set of the Encyclopedia Judaica). The New York Times reported in today's business section that book sales are down across the industry. Publishers and retailers all report fewer sales. Now this time of year is always slow for your typical online bookseller since we generally do not sell the hot beach reads. Couple that with an industry is off then what is one to do. Continue reading

Customer Service 101 for Online Booksellers

I recently had a buyer go bonkers on me in an email. They were irate that the book they bought had a tear on the dustcover. They buyer of the book threatened to report me to Amazon for fraud basically start some sort of boycott against me because I was lying scum and a sleazy seller. The only problem was that the buyer did not read the item description and even glance at what condition the book was listed under. They saw the price of the book and click on the buy button. The book was listed in "Good" Condition with an item description that said "clean text & tight binding. Dustjacket has tear at top of spine. Continue reading
I don't go to book sales much anymore but you can slowly build up your inventory by going to them. The downside to Friend of Library sales is that they are overrun with other booksellers with their scanner many of whom work in teams. I would often see people running into the sale and indiscriminately scooping up armfuls of books and putting them into bags then running to a blanket where there partner is and doing it again. There would be no selection process - just a mad rush which would mean if you were not on of the first on line you find many books gone (and piled up on someones blanket). Continue reading
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