Gearing up for Textbook Season

Also - be prepared for lots of questions if your listings are not complete. Make sure you properly list what edition text book you are selling and if it has highlighting, underlining or margin notes - I make it the first thing in the item description. Do not sell international editions (or if you do be prepared to be banned by eBay and Amazon as it is against their terms Continue reading
et me start by stating that eBay is a terrible place for booksellers to buy inventory (great for selling books though). BUT... if you are desperate there are potentially a few ways to get inventory on eBay. Continue reading
Is there an app on the iPhone that can take the place of your pda book scanner and book scouting software? Almost but not quite yet though it is clear the capability is there. So do not cancel your book scouting subscription and throw away your PDA yet. Hopefully the day will come soon when you can. Continue reading

A1Books as a Marketplace for Booksellers

I received an email today from A1Books asking me to list my books on their site. I never really considered listing my books on A1 before as I viewed them as a competitor. A1 has thousands of books for sales on Amazon and they are priced low (and their seller rating is lousy). Something about listing my books on their site just bugged me plus I did not like their fee structure Continue reading

Branching Out for Online Booksellers

I have been selling books online for a few years now and over the course of that time have done a lot of research on other ways of making money online without giving up too much time. I consider my book business successful in terms of the goals I have set and space for inventory keeps my business at a certain level. I love it and it is my primary business focus but there are other opportunities. Continue reading
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